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These Record Drawings have been prepared based on information submitted, in part, by others. While this information is believed to be reliable, the Engineer is not responsible for its accuracy, nor for errors or omissions, which may have been incorporated into this document as a result. Lamp, Rynearson & Associates highly recommends verifying, in the field, the actual sewer stub location prior to constructing any building foundations to determine if the sewer service will accommodate the intended use.

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Douglas County 427 04/04/2013 Stone Creek/ Copper Ridge - Silt Basin A Removal
Sarpy County 264 03/27/2013 Shadow Lake - Outlot Improvements, Section I (Parking)
Eppley Airfield 03/08/2013 Eppley Airfield Runway 18/36 South Reconstruction
Sarpy County 278 03/05/2013 Tiburon Ridge Phase 1 Sanitary/Outfall/Storm Sewers & Paving Section I
Sarpy County 220 12/30/2012 Harrison Woods Stream Improvements
Douglas County 492 11/02/2012 Stone Ridge - Silt Basin C Removal
Douglas County 415 10/09/2012 Westin Hills - Drainageway Improvements, Phase I
Treynor Community School District 10/08/2012 Treynor CSD Athletic Complex, Early Grading and Storm Sewer
Sarpy County 264 09/12/2012 Shadow Lake Silt Basin 5 Removal
Douglas County 521 09/11/2012 Elk Ridge Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 514 08/28/2012 Harrison Park - Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 514 08/07/2012 Harrison Park Silt Basin Removal - Basin H
Douglas County 491 07/30/2012 Copperfields Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 254 07/18/2012 Ginger Woods Pavement Reconstruction 2012
Douglas County 376 07/05/2012 Mission Park Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 446 06/19/2012 Saddlebrook Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 373 06/14/2012 Woodbridge Paving Reconstruction 2012
Douglas County 392 06/14/2012 Cinnamon Creek Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 427 06/05/2012 Stone Creek / Copper Ridge Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 350 05/31/2012 Diamond Head Paving Maintenance 2012
Douglas County 264 05/23/2012 Shadow Lake Box Culvert Staining
Sarpy County 235 05/16/2012 Sunridge West Sanitary Sewer, Outfall Sewer, Storm Paving, Section II
Ralston Public Schools 05/11/2012 Ralston Public Schools Playground Improvements Meadows/Seymour
Douglas County 401 05/10/2012 Standing Bear Pointe Paving Maintenance 2012
FAA 05/03/2012 Eppley Airfield Reconstruct Taxiway G