Lamp Rynearson & Associates FTP & Web Client Instructions

LRA has two options to interact with our FTP server.

  1. Traditional FTP interface
    • a. Pros: Allows multiple files to be uploaded/downloaded at one time.
    • b. Cons: Cumbersome interface if using Internet Explorer 7 or later.
    • c. Click HERE for traditional FTP interface.
  2. Web client FTP interface
    • a. Pros: Clean and easy interface to interact with. Easier to use than traditional FTP. Can view image files before downloading.
    • b. Cons: Only one file can be uploaded/downloaded at one time. (It is recommended that multiple files are zipped into a single compressed file before uploading.)
    • c. Click HERE for FTP Web client interface.

Please watch the videos to the left for a quick demonstration on both options.
If you continue to have problems please email or call 402-496-2498 and ask to talk to someone in Information Technology about FTP.