Greener, Leaner, Cleaner

To “infuse sustainable design principles into our projects” is a Lamp Rynearson goal.   Lamp Rynearson has applied innovative thinking to find a better, more sustainable way to achieve successful project results.

Rain Gardens

Whether in our Omaha office’s “backyard”, a commercial property, or a university campus, we understand rain garden design and its positive impact on water quality.  Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable.

Omaha By Design / Environmental Element

Sustainable leadership.  Mike McMeekin, President of Lamp Rynearson, served as a co-chair for Environment Omaha, a two-year effort to develop an Environmental Element to the City of Omaha’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Sustainable Projects

Some favorite “green” features on a few Lamp Rynearson projects:

  • Collin Stadium – use of recycled tires for infill turf
  • Rockbrook Village – natural channel design, detention ponds
  • Shadow Lake – improved aquatic habitat through the integration of GPS technology
  • Ike Friedman Parking Lot – bioretention basins
  • Linden Estates – extensive green space corridor cited as a model for conversation design.
  • Cole Creek Stream Restoration – recreation of more natural stream through native vegetation, terraces, and redirection of the channel flow. 

Walkin’ Green 

“Infusing Sustainability Principles into Our Projects and Other Aspects of the Company” has been an ongoing strategic plan goal for Lamp Rynearson and fits within our Purpose Statement of “leaving a legacy of enduring improvements”. One impact Lamp Rynearson has on environmental stewardship is within our projects. Sustainable design principles are incorporated throughout our project work company-wide. We are proud of our sustainable design community leadership and have been recognized for our efforts. Our “internal office greening” continues and we are working toward certification as a Sustainable Business for our Omaha office. We are sustaining members of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.