Leaving a Legacy of Enduring Improvements to Our Community

We act as an extension of your firm as we have for over 55 years. Lamp, Rynearson & Associates, a civil engineering, survey, planning and consulting firm was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1959 by Don Lamp and Bill Rynearson. Our firm, which is made up of over 130 dedicated professionals in Omaha, NE; Fort Collins and Lakewood, CO; and Kansas City is focused on providing quality services for community-changing projects. New projects often come to us because of our reputation in the community. Most of our work is for returning clients – a solid indicator of the level of professional service Lamp Rynearson consistently provides.

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Our Services

Land Development

What is your desired outcome? A destination? A meeting place? A residential neighborhood, apartment or condo project that “wows?” With land planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and site planning – all in-house, our land development experts are ready to get started in understanding your needs and translating them into plans that work. We don’t stop there. We will navigate local, state and federal processes to move your project along. Eliminate worry. Shoulder the responsibility. It’s the Lamp Rynearson way.   

Some of the most desirable places to live are designed by the imaginative talents at Lamp Rynearson. Ease of access, inviting design, and convenient parking combine to draw customers to commercial retail properties designed by our firm. Over 50 years of land development experience gives us familiarity with developer needs and the ability to assist in the visioning process. We have run the course with local regulatory agencies many times, and are able to complete quality design that is both cost-effective and timely.

Municipal Infrastructure

Throughout our history, Lamp Rynearson has provided sanitary and storm sewer design and construction for Sanitary Improvement Districts (SID) clients. We have designed numerous pump stations, ranging from small grinding pumps, municipal lift stations and large complex storm water lift stations.

Transportation Engineering

Whether a municipality or private client, our detailed designs will provide for the safe, efficient and economical movement of people and products. Lamp Rynearson plans and designs highways, bridges, urban streets and arterials, and airports. We provide solid professional expertise and leadership for our clients’ transportation projects. Route planning, geometric design, hydraulic studies, bridge design, roundabouts, culvert design, right-of-way services, bidding, and construction administration are among our services.

If you are looking for innovative answers for commercial development and urban redevelopment projects, traffic analysis, route studies and traffic calming, and other traffic engineering services, Lamp Rynearson is equipped to provide leadership and applied technology. Our traffic services include capacity and operations studies, traffic impact studies, traffic safety studies and traffic simulation, as well as signal design.

Airport Engineering

Airport management changes frequently with challenges ever present. Passenger increases and decreases, traffic, access, parking, operating and maintaining aircraft, and providing safe runways and taxiways – all part of your world. Let’s not forget regulations. We know and work regularly with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We have completed over 38 Aeronautical Approach Surveys for general aviation airports to assist in establishing new LPS Approaches with lower minimums.

At Lamp Rynearson, we listen and will respond with options for your airport. Whether your needs involve a detailed layout of essential airport elements, airport movement plans, security fencing, storm sewer design, navigational aids, site boundaries, airspace constraints, or supporting utility layouts, put our experience to work for you. Is Construction Administration needed? Yes, we have an amazing team in-house with years of experience.


For more than half a century, wastewater-handling projects have been a significant part of our business. Today more than ever we are committed to meeting our clients' needs by applying advanced technology, using designs that meet increasingly stringent regulations for quality, and building collaborative partnerships. We utilize new generations of control technology that lend themselves to automation to control aeration blowers. We incorporate new technologies into our designs that facilitate simplified treatment processes. We devise effective sewage collection methods for smaller flows and we tackle infiltration and inflow (I/I) in growing areas.

Drinking Water

Our drinking water projects are engineered to meet the specific objectives of each community, and our designs ensure the highest quality drinking water possible. Our professionals integrate proven systems with innovative technologies, while meeting budget and cost requirements and supporting the economic development envisioned by the community. We handle everything from the largest, most complex engineering projects - like state-of-the-art process control - to the simplest, most routine tasks - like a water main extension. We'll also help you identify the most feasible financing arrangement for your project and your community


Larkin Aquatics, a division of Lamp Rynearson, has specialized in aquatics planning and design for more than 60 years and has completed over 500 aquatic facility projects throughout the United States. We understand your needs and provide innovative solutions to the challenges you face. We work with you to build community consensus and get the funding you require.

Visit our aquatics services site here.


You can look to Lamp Rynearson for comprehensive, accurate, and efficient surveys. Having provided surveys since 1959, our experience and quality control processes ensure your satisfaction. By utilizing the latest in computer technology, including Total Station and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) capabilities, we can effectively meet your surveying needs. Our services include:

  • Cadastral & Boundary Surveys
  • Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Control Surveys
  • Construction Staking and Monitoring
  • Architectural & Engineering Surveys
  • Airport Obstruction Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Bathymetric/Hydrographic Surveys
  • Mine Surveys
  • Railroad Surveys
  • Photogrammerty Control Surveys
  • Subdivision/Partitioning of Land
  • Preparation of Final Plats
  • Earthwork Quantity Surveys
  • Preparation of legal descriptions and exhibit drawings for the following:
    1. Deeds
    2. Easements
    3. Changes in zoning
    4. Site plan preparation
MARN Metro Area Reference Network

Long a leader in introducing the latest in survey technologies, Lamp Rynearson’s Omaha office installed and hosts a MARN (Metro Area Reference Network). MARN involves the sending and receiving of GPS correction data between multiple, stationary base stations, assisting those using GPS rover units in the field in determining survey coordinates or location on the earth more accurately and effectively. The use of MARN translates to faster, more accurate surveys for MARN area customers.  

MARN’s major benefit is that a great deal of time can be saved by avoiding tedious set up and break-down of mobile base stations by survey crews. The MARN concept is a break-through in survey technology; benefiting both firms responsible for field work and the clients they serve. Lamp Rynearson has multiple subscribers to the MARN service, and six (6) permanent base station locations.

Construction Administration

Lamp Rynearson is proud to have a strong construction administration team in-house and in the field. We are the municipal engineer for more than 30 SID’s (Sanitary Improvement Districts) throughout the Omaha area, and are the official engineer for the Village Boys Town. Lamp Rynearson’s construction administration team members are experts at specification interpretation and will make sure things are done right the first time. Lamp Rynearson has excellent relationships with public agencies, contractors and subcontractors which assist us in getting things done efficiently.

Landscape Architecture & Land Planning

Often starting with a “blank canvas”, we let the natural topography of the land lead us in designing spaces that respond to a site and embrace its natural features. Lamp Rynearson incorporates elements of new urbanism and traditional neighborhood design in our planning, such as walkability, safe streets, neighborhood gathering places for young and old, and an interesting mix of housing styles. We create parks and trails that are beautiful, sustainable, and user friendly. We’re outdoor enthusiasts and put ourselves in the shoes of the trail and park user throughout the design process.

Stormwater Management

The requirements for stormwater management have become more and more complex. Lamp Rynearson has a highly skilled and experienced stormwater management team that is thoroughly familiar with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations. We have hands-on experience in the design and monitoring of erosion control measures for residential, commercial and institutional developments. Our erosion control team members have attended numerous training courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. Training focuses on local, state and federal NPDES permitting and inspection requirements and procedures, design and use of erosion and sediment control best management practices (BMP), and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) preparation.

Oil & Gas Services

From the assessment of a single well site to the development of complex oil and gas facilities, our team understands the specific issues that affect your oil and gas project. We provide a full range of consulting services. Lamp Rynearson's talented team of experts is prepared to address all parts of the permitting process. Our all-inclusive team will act as an extension of your operations and increase the efficiency and consistency of your efforts.

Contact: Frank Kohl at 970.226.0342

Oil and gas services that Lamp Rynearson provides include:

  • Project leadership and coordination
  • Oil and gas well permitting
  • Produced water disposal facility/evaporation pond site planning and design
  • In-house expertise to handle all aspects of facility development
  • Land use permitting (Use by Special Review)
  • Well pad planning and layout
  • Topographic surveys
  • Coordination, survey and exhibits preparation for right-of-way and easement acquisition
  • Site planning and design (industrial, commercial, residential)
  • Stormwater Management Plans and Permits
  • Floodplain management/permitting
  • Coordination of environmental compliance and permitting
  • Asset Management/GIS Analysis


Sustainability Consultation

Lamp Rynearson’s approach to infusing sustainability principles into our projects begins with thorough communication with our client to develop a clear understanding of the client’s vision and expectations. We believe it is our responsibility to share viable, sustainable design options. As a leader in the civil engineering field in the adoption of sustainability for civil infrastructure projects, Lamp Rynearson applies innovative thinking to find better, more sustainable ways to get successful project results. Lamp Rynearson has six LEED accredited professionals on staff and has been involved with the Envision Rating System for Infrastructure since its pilot project stage.

Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Lamp Rynearson is adept at planning workshops and facilitating them. With genuine interest, widespread experience, and respected accreditation, our workshop planners and facilitators can organize and lead your workshop, meeting, or public involvement process.

Sample Projects:

  • Neighborhood Business District Analysis project for the Greater Omaha Chamber
  • Sarpy County Energy Element for Sarpy County
  • 2012 ICSC Heartland Idea Exchange
  • Omaha Community Center for Sustainability Stakeholder’s Workshop
  • Environment Omaha Resource Conservation Committee and Core Committee Meetings
  • Wiles Development Workshop for Wiles Development
  • Ralston Public Schools Elementary Playgrounds Workshop
  • Stream Restoration Workshop
  • Keystone Trail Workshop
GIS – Geographic Information Services

Are you using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect and manage your data?  Would you like to learn more about how GIS could help you and your business?Lamp Rynearson’s GIS specialists have years of experience in designing and developing technically sound, long-term GIS solutions for government and private agencies. Our professionals  produce flexible, cost-effective, intuitive and scalable deliverables, using reliable technology transfers. We are ready to work with you to identify your specific needs, implement solutions and train your end users to understand and be comfortable with the technology.  

GIS services offered by our firm include:

  • Systems Needs Assessment 
  • Custom Database design/development
  • Utility Mapping 
  • GIS/GPS Mapping & Training 
  • Site Selection Analysis 
  • Demographic & Market Analysis
  • CAD to GIS Conversion 
  • Custom Cartography & Map Products
NPDES Permitting

Do you need some help taking the guesswork out of compliance? Lamp Rynearson can help to shed light on the complexity of meeting these regulations. The requirements for stormwater management have become more and more complex in recent years. Our highly skilled stormwater management team, focused on National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) compliance for industrial and construction sites, offers a full range of services to keep your site in compliance, including:

  • Design of controls and practices
  • Creation of compliance documents
  • Facility/ site inspections
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Coordination with regulatory officials

Changes in Permitting for 2013:

As regulations change, Lamp Rynearson works hard to keep our clients ahead of the curve and in compliance. Our goal is to take away your worries and make sure your compliance concerns are addressed smoothly, quickly, and painlessly. 

For further information about NPDES regulations, contact us any time, or check out the links below.

EPA NPDES Stormwater Page Nebraska Industrial Storm Water Permits Documents Nebraska Construction Storm Water Permit Documents City of Omaha Storm Water Permitting Website